Claudia Aponte


Claudia Aponte Rodríguez graduated at the Juan José Landaeta Conservatory of Music in Caracas, Venezuela.

She has a degree in Arts, a musical mention at the Central University of Venezuela and a master’s degree in Film and Theater Composition at the University of Bristol, England.

She has played as soloist with several ensembles, such the Municipal Symphony Orchestra of Caracas and various concert halls, such the Palau de la Música in Valencia. She owns the prize for the best interpretation of Latin American’s music from the «Silvia Eisenstein Piano Competition». First prize and best interpretation of Latin American’s music from the «Moisés Moleiro Piano Competition». Unique prize for the best study at the «Piano Competition Giomar Novaes» in Brazil.

She has composed music for more than twenty plays and participated in several festivals, including the «Festival de Teatro de Bogotá».

Se has a wide teaching experience working in academies, colleges and music schools and since seven years ago, at her own music academy Ensanche Musical, in Valencia, Spain.

Ana Muñoz


Ana Muñoz Bernardeau completes her flute studies with «Extraordinary End of Career Award» at the «Salvador Seguí Conservatory of Castellón».
Training with teachers such as Magdalena Martínez, Fina Cano and Adrián Serrano.

From 2013 to 2015 she studied the Master for solo flute at the «Hochschule für Musik und Tanz Köln» with Dirk Peppel and Ulrike Siebler. She has played in orchestras / bands such as «Carpe Diem Chamber Orchester St. Petersburg», «Folkwang Kammerorchester Essen», «Chamber Orchestra of the Valencian Community», «Jove Orquestra Simfònica de Castelló JOSC», «Das Junge Orchester NRW,»Orchestra Ciutat de Llíria», «Municipal Symphonic Band of Las Palmas GC», etc.

She also highlights her predisposition and experience in teaching and chamber music, and her interest in body awareness techniques.

Stefanos Mavridis


Stefanos Mavridis was born in Athens, right after birth he falls in love with all the delirium of the world around him and while growing up he feels that desire and time share the same body.

Instinctively, in Alexandroupolis, he acts as if that body had the shape of a guitar and soon the shape gets diluted into infinite planets of sounds and enigmas.

In Leeds he plans with devotion a penetration of the ovaries of liberty and while he is getting it wrong he interchanges psyche material with classical, jazz and folk characters that sometimes disguise themselves into poets, painters and philosophers.

In Bristol he encounters an unacceptable accumulation of questions without answers and he once again dives into a misuse of sonorous dreams of playful and subconscious hedonism while performing alchemies of music for theatre, cinema and particularly for whom it may concern.

In Valencia, after a brief synopsis of all the above, he manages to canalize the sportsmanship of his insatiable intentions to define, towards the unhuman factor.

Without being able to either understand or reveal the secrets of the flow of the underground streams of the apparent truce between institution and destruction he dedicates himself to plotting for the students of Ensanche Musical and the musicians of Emvoés.

Álex Olías

Double Bass

My name is Alejandro Olías Faba, I play Double Bass and Electric Bass, I’m certified in Double Bass Professional Degree at the Pintor Pinazo Conservatory of Godella and have a Diploma in Teaching in the specialty of Music Education from the University of Valencia.

I’m an eclectic musician, I have worked as a freelance and session musician since I was 20 years old. I have collaborated with national artists such as Raimundo Amador, Carlos Tarque (M-clan), Carlos Goñi (Revolver) or Sole Giménez (presumed involved). I have participated in tours with different groups of Jazz, Rock and popular music as a musician and / or musical director, it should be highlighted Seguridad Social, Blues Mestizo, Naima, Jazzy Troupe or Rogerio Campas among many others.

At the same time, I’ve made recordings for these and other groups, such as: «Por siempre jamás, Directo 30 aniversario», Seguridad Social, double CD and live acoustic DVD. «La Encrucijada», Seguridad Social and Paco Roca», Graphic Novel / CD. «Uno», Naima. “Mientras la orquesta sigue sonando», Un sonrisa terrible. «Santos», Sir Edward y la nobleza, and a long etc.

Currently, I combine my work as a teacher at academies and music schools and I work as a freelance musician with Emvoés quintet from which I’m a member since its foundation; I consider it the most original, exciting and motivating musical project I’ve been involved so far.

Alberto Castillo


Alberto Castillo from Arica, Chile, made a name for himself as a violist in Chile’s capital Santiago.

He was principal violist of the National Youth Orchestra of Chile and the Chamber Orchestra of the Teatro Municipal de Santiago. He went on to become a member of the Santiago Philharmonic Orchestra, the country’s leading orchestra, and from 2003-2012 held the position of Assistant Principal Viola and Principal Viola there. He studied in Chile with Sergio Prieto, former concertmaster of the Chamber Orchestra of Zurich and “Rundfunk Sinfonie” Basel and went on to study in Asturias, Spain with Oleg Lev, principal violist of “Orquesta Sinfónica Principado de Asturias” and soloist of the Virtuosi Chamber Orchestra of Moscow. He continues his studies in Germany with Emile Cantor, violist of the Orpheus String Quartet, with Máté Szücs – Principal Viola of the Berlin Philharmonic orchestra, and also studied privately with Matthias Buchholz, professor of Viola at the “Hochschule für Musik und Tanz” in Cologne and with Hartmut Rohde, professor at the “Universität der Künste” in Berlin, Germany.

Alberto was awarded a “Licenciate of the Royal Schools of Music” diploma – London, UK, the Master of the professional Perfomance “Folkwang” at the University of the Arts in Essen, Germany. Residing in Germany, from 2011 till 2018 Alberto has worked with the Mannheim Philharmonic, The Essen “Folkwang” Chamber Orchestra, Cologne Sinfonietta, “Klassische Philharmonie Bonn”, «Ensemble St.Petersburg», as a solo-viola in the «Philharmony of Nations Orchestra» and has been a professor at the «Euregio Festival Orchester Academy» in 2018.

He has also gained recognition as an accomplished chamber musician – with his chamber music partner Piano Professor Andreas Fröhlich (“Hochschule für Musik und Tanz”, Cologne) he has performed in such a concert halls as the “Robert-Schumann-Saal” in Düsseldorf, “Mozarteum” in Salzburg, and as such as a founding member of the German ensemble “Ars Longa”, with whom he has performed in numerous festivals in Serbia and Montenegro, including the International Chamber Music Festival in Belgrade “Ars Longa”, the “Constantinus” International Music Festival in Nis, the Convivum Chamber Music Festival in Kraguejevac, and recently the prestigious “Days of Music” International Festival in Herceg Novi, Montenegro, where he performed with acclaimed artists such as Nemanja Stankovic, Jósef Kolinek, Irvin Venys and Marijan Sobula.

For today Alberto Castillo has a substitute position in the «Orquestra de la Comunitat Valenciana» in Valencia, Spain, and is a member of «Chamber Orchestra Carpe Diem St.Petersburg».

Raisa Ulumbekova


Raisa Ulumbekova nació en Leningrado (hoy San Petersburgo, Rusia). Recibió la educación primaria en el liceo artístico del Ohta. Más tarde, realizó la carrera de Violín, la cual terminó con honores en la “Mussorgsky Music State College” y el Conservatorio “Rimsky-Korsakov” de San Petersburgo, en la clase del profesor Oleg Shulpyakov, continuando sus estudios en postgrado en la universidad de Münster en Alemania, ha obtenido el grado de Master en interpretación musical mención violín y también un segundo postgrado como solista de violín en la universidad mencionada. Participó en las masterclases de música de cámara en Weikersheim (Alemania), y en clases magistrales con Thomas Fueri y Daniel Draganov.

Desde el año 2000 hasta 2005 ocupó la plaza de concertino asistente en el teatro de la ópera y ballet del Conservatorio de San Petersburgo. Además, desde el año 2005 hasta 2011 fue violinista de la “State Symphonic Orchestra Kapella” de San Petersburgo. Ha sido ganadora de varios concursos en la especialidad de música de cámara, lo cual le llevó en 2005 a realizar varios conciertos como solista en Corea del Sur. En Alemania ha participado en las siguientes orquestas – “Klassische Philharmonie Bonn”,

Teatro de Ópera en Aachen como ayudante de concertino, Orquesta sinfónica de Bochum como solista de segundos violines, “Kammeroper Köln” como concertino.

Ha trabajado como profesora de violín en diversas escuelas de música y en la universidad de Münster en Alemania, además de pertenecer al grupo de profesores de la facultad de composición del Conservatorio “Rimsky-Korsakov” de San Petersburgo.

Desde 2008, Raisa Ulumbekova es fundadora, directora artística y concertino de la orquesta de cámara “Carpe Diem” de San Petersburgo, con la cual ha realizado numerosos conciertos y giras internacionales.

Actualmente es violinista en la orquesta “ADDA Simfónica” (Alicante) y músico en la agencia alemana de artistas clásicos “Münster Klassik”